Peaceful Retirement Planning 
How to Plan Towards A Wealthy, Healthy Wise and Peaceful Retirement

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Planning your retirement can be an intimidating prospect. In our current economic climate, what reassurance do you have that you'll be able to retire happy and secure, free from financial worries?

     You need four essential plans for a happy retirement

Internationally renowned speaker, author, trainer and chartered accountant Bibi Apampa (The Retirement Queen) has already helped countless people achieve happiness, good health and financial security in their retirement years And now you can learn her most important lessons completely free, with her new booklet "Peaceful Retirement Planning – How to Plan Towards A Wealthy, Healthy Wise and Peaceful Retirement"


"Bibi did not just teach me how to create my dreams, with multiple streams of income, but patiently she emphasised making a difference in the lives of people, community and nations. With her, it was create wealth with a mission." Veronica


This booklet contains the four essential plans Bibi gives to her paying clients to ensure their happy retirement:

   The Transition Plan – make your transition to retired life a pleasure

 The Wealth Building Plan – the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your family won't have to worry about money during your retirement

 The Healthy and Fit for Life Plan – what you need to know for good health throughout the rest of your life

 The Wisdom Plan – everything you need spiritually and emotionally for a happy, serene retirement

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Bibi spent years in accounting and finance, developing a successful career in managing investment portfolios. She now uses her wisdom and experience to help others achieve financial security – whether they're fast-approaching retirement or planning well in advance.

The information she's giving away in this booklet will take all the stress out of your retirement and equip you with everything you need to make the most of this exciting new stage in your life. Get your free copy now and get ready to retire secure, wealthy and happy!


"Bibi has an amazing ability to break down complex challenges in the area of Financial Empowerment and Wealth Creation into bite size easy to follow tips and strategies aimed at empowering you, to excel succeed and prosper. It was fun working with her in building my investment portfolio while learning more about myself and the skills l can use to become more successful at work and home."

Patricia (Watford UK


Retirement is no longer a destination 
It’s a journey, a transition, an OPPORTUNITY 
to live life your way
with the help of a Retirement Coach!
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Learn everything you need to know for a healthy, prosperous retirement with the FREE Retirement Planning book 

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