Pre-Retirement Course

Personalized Plan and Coaching towards a Peaceful, Wealthy, Healthy and Stress-free Retirement

 Do you have a “plan” for a peaceful retirement? Can you ever afford to retire? Do you want the truth? Many people die broke after working for 40 long years! Chances are that, unless you are willing to struggle later in your retirement years, you really need to make some changes now. One of the steps you have to consider is to start making plans today for your retirement with the help of a Retirement Coach

There are five types of wealth that you need to consolidate as you prepare for your retirement

Ø  Financial Wealth

Ø  Time Wealth

Ø  Social Wealth

Ø  Physical Wealth

Ø  Generational Wealth

To enjoy a peaceful and flourishing retirement, you need to work on a “Retirement Plan” that incorporates these different types of wealth

In a survey carried out on people that started work at age 25 

it was found out that by age 65… 

§  1% are financially independent & wealthy

§  4% have enough money to meet basic needs

§  22% are still working (cannot afford to quit)

§  45% depend on family for survival

§  28% depend on state pensions, Social Security, friends or charity

Let’s face facts, It doesn’t just take age to retire… It takes Strategic Planning, Money, Information & Wisdom!


        Imagine the life you will live when you retire:

• Will it be full of joy and laughter?

• Will you be living the retirement lifestyle of your dream?

• Will you enjoy travelling without the worry of money?

• Will you be able to leave more than just memories for your loved ones? 

• Will your retirement be rich, healthy and peaceful?

Well, you're not alone! Hundreds of thousands of people just like you dream about their retirement years and hope for the best even though we live in the greatest time of opportunity 90% of the people will not retire financially, mentally, emotionally and physically independent  

What is the solution? Signing up for a Pre-Retirement program where an expert coach takes you through a comprehensive program step by step to come up with your retirement plan and options

It's Fast and Easy To Get Started Immediately planning early for a peaceful, wealthy healthy and stress-free retirement by signing up for the Pre-Retirement course today!


Pre-Retirement Course

 1. Overview - Peaceful Retirement Planning

v Course overview

v Challenges of Retirement

v Need to start the plan early

v Planning and Consolidating the five types of wealth

 2.Transition plan

v Mindset

v Money management

v Time management

v Personal development

v Relationship management

   3. Wealth Building Plan

v Financial Planning & Investment Options

v Passive income strategies

v Retirement Business / side hustle


    4. Healthy & Fit4 Life plan

v   Eat Differently - Diet fitness

v Act Differently - Body fitness

v Think Differently – Lifestyle fitness

    5. Wisdom plan

v Peace with God and man

vWriting your legal Will & digital will

v Protecting your assets

v Estate planning

v Leaving a legacy

v Nurturing your love circle

    6. Ageing Gracefully

v What to watch

v What to avoid

v What to do


   7. Dream to Reality 

Review of Personal Retirement Strategy 


Remember Your Dream Does Not Exist You Have To Create It
Start the preparation today for your Wealthy Healthy, Wise and Peaceful Flourishing Retirement  

    Sign Up for the Pre-Retirement Course today

Say yes to Retirement Wealth Coach today and leave all the frustrations and pain to the other 95% who will leave this page and will give up before they even begin. Leave all that time, energy and tiresome effort to others.

You take the easy, smart and quicker route which is right here!

        Create a strategic and comprehensive retirement plan for yourself with the help of an Expert Retirement Wealth Coach

To your success!

P.S. Don't let the things (big or small) that affect the masses get in your way. You can control your own destiny instead of sitting back hoping nothing bad happens to you. Instead of just worrying about the future and the economy, do something about it. Sign up today. You're one click away from a major life changing moment

P.S.S Remember your dream retirement does not exist you have to create it. Start making plans towards a peaceful, wealthy, healthy and stress-f ree retirement that will change your life Forever... Signup for the pre-retirement course today 

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